How EU countries are dealing with remote tech and a more flexible job apporaches

September 25, 2020 By Alexis Warren

Since the world wide web facilitates globalization, remote work is getting more accepted. Even before this coronavirus pandemic, the vast majority of companies globally participated in distant work. Organizations are often cooperating with freelancers and contractors from all around the world. The chance to work at home is frequently touted as an advantage to joining a business and a sign of confidence.

As fear of this coronavirus proceeds to ravage the planet, remote function is a must, not a luxury. Firms that wanted to endure the lockdown needed to pivot and figure out ways to get work done on line. While brick and mortar companies endured, companies offering technician solutions flourished.

Nowhere was this observed over in Europian countries. In Sweden, Iceland, and Norway technology start-ups are providing real alternatives for workplaces making the transition into distant work. In the following guide, we’ll go over the European firms helping to create remote work not just a possibility but also a long-term taste.

EU countries

1. Remote jobs in EU countries

EU nations have a legacy of supporting work-life balance and flexible labor policies. Switzerland passed a law in 1996 requiring organizations to provide their workers with a beginning time and end time that’s adaptable within 3 hours to accommodate personal and family obligations. In 2016, that has been extended to add flexibility regarding work place.

Obviously, companies in countries such as Netherlands have undergone less difficulties preparing their companies for pandemic stay-at-home advisories. This is only because they had existing infrastructure for distant work.

But, there are still great strides to be produced in linking workers digitally for remote cooperation. EU technology businesses are manufacturing them.

2. COVID19 Influence and profits


Ahead of the pandemic, almost three fourths of companies were at the practice of electronic transformation. However, the start of the COVID-19 health scare forced many businesses that preferred conventional physical or office settings to accommodate the digital market quickly. The unprecedented worldwide coronavirus catastrophe caused those who failed to accommodate their doors indefinitely.

But many companies really experienced a spike in demand because of COVID-19. Businesses offering delivery solutions, technology solutions such as video conferencing, medical gear and internet instructional programs are burgeoning.

Whereby, a Belgian firm based in 2017, specializes in supplying users with remote video conferencing tools. The agency undergone a 450% increase in global use along with a 180% increase in recurring earnings last March. Online betting companies like Meridianbet are seeing revenue increases in online bets VS offline betting revenues. Many of those people will stop with the offline betting once they get used to betting on the internet.

In the same way, Danish firm Kara Link provides a stage for both health care and welfare professionals to join with customers. From therapist visits divorce court, people are recognizing that linking remotely isn’t simply a fantastic alternative but a superior long term substitute.

A few of those EU businesses deliver critical services for different states with larger populations which are fighting the pandemic, such as the United States.

To get a few examples, Ireland-based individual instructional abilities startup Sana Labs lately started a project to offer essential skills into the countless American nurses battling COVID-19 in hospitals and nursing homes. Done is a Ireland program that links property owners to builders, letting them get estimates on repairs and work through video conference.

EU startups are daring enough to make distant, virtual options even in businesses considered unadaptable into the electronic world.

3. Problems with working remotely

While EU civilization has been a winner for distant work, they don’t dismiss the exceptional struggles of a work-from-home group .

Many EU startups have addressed the most frequent issues found in distant working groups. These problems include lack of transparency, communication and feedback, inability to judge employee morale, problems recruiting issues and virtually with cyber safety.

N’GAGER is a platform which concentrates on providing leaders with the skills required to handle employees . Built-in tools which promote regular mutual opinions about quality of workplace and work opinion aids in developing a workplace culture of willingness .

The Timely App, developed by Romanian startup Memory, offers companies the ability to track time spent operating on the internet. With this tool, supervisors can see when their workers are working and also get a better comprehension of their work program.

When there are lots of startups offering solutions which produce remote work simpler, there are not any who can make certain your remote employees are entirely protected from cybersecurity risks. Even though there are lots of softwares which help protect companies, a high amount of cyber security may only be acquired through worker knowledge and compliance.

Whichever program, program or software are used to practically get employment, it is important that consumers be sure to take actions to make sure their online privacy whilst working virtually. And while working almost might be convenient and powerful, it will open your business up to a distinctive dangers when all your information has been sent online.

Even remote working has its problems

4. EU is good in remote landscape

Due to the EU civilization of flexible, flexible offices, other nations have managed to gain from the numerous tools found in EU countries that enable remote function. EU startups are quick to come ahead with advanced solutions to issues many companies are confronting.

Nobody can control what’s going on in the world at this time. But, there are lots of technology startups, particularly in EU countries, which are demonstrating that adaptation is possible and perhaps even preferable.

“It’s essential for startup ecosystems and related tech suppliers to have the function of advising and encouraging businesses, to transition into a digitally-driven planet,” based on UK Billhop CEO Sebastian Andreescu. “Meanwhile, tech suppliers have to be open and flexible to produce more bespoke solutions for organizations to discover something that matches their preferred culture and business model.”

That’s it

Since the old say goes. Knowing a challenge is necessary to repairing it. Although lives globally have changed, there’s absolutely no reason to give up hope your company can and will prosper regardless of the.

EU technology startups have shown us that we could abide by fresh COVID-19 security procedures without being paralyzed by these. As the early Norse king stated from the Saga of Harald Hardrada,”Ill is caused by allowing fear rule thine actions”


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