It might be said that science fiction has directed inventors to creating the very things that they once saw there. When science fiction inventions are in the forefront of an inventor’s ideas and the ideal technology comes along for them to create them, why shouldn’t they go for it? It appears just right. Here is a list of a few inventions that were once thought of as impossible.


Technically, there are many pieces of technology which can translate languages in an instant for us. Google Translate, and a lot of other science fiction creations on the planet are quite notable now.

Skype Translator works well with this also. With it, you are able to utilize a Bluetooth headset which will allow you to have a translation of what someone is saying on the other end of the call. This might not be exactly as the science fiction inventions on translation, but it’s close.

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A book called Oryx and Crake, composed by Margaret Atwood has one of the coolest science fiction inventions ever. It’s referred to as “smart wallpaper” . These days, we can make something quite like smart wallpaper. Atwood’s description of it in her novel was interesting but baked in much more fiction than science.

She basically mentioned the usage of this would be to change the color of your walls to fit your mood. A good energy supply could be required for it to operate. However the way to do this is with LEDs layered about that may be lined up to shape something like wallpaper. The image to the LED boards can be changed up with simplicity also.

35 Science Fiction Inventions That Could Make The Future Very Interesting


Weather Control is somewhat potential today. We could do this with something called “cloud seeding” which has actually been done a great deal more than some presume.

It achieved by using a rocket or plane to emit a laboratory-made combination of ice, silver iodide, and salt electricity to clouds that force rain or increase precipitation. Even though the ability to start and stop rain, sun, cold, and warmth is not very possible…yet.

Weather modification - Wikipedia


Scientists have found a way to store energy in the red bricks that are used to build houses.

Researchers led by Washington University in St Louis, in Missouri, US, have developed a method that can turn the cheap and widely available building material into “smart bricks” that can store energy like a battery.

Although the research is still in the proof-of-concept stage, the scientists claim that walls made of these bricks “could store a substantial amount of energy” and can “be recharged hundreds of thousands of times within an hour”.

Chemists Created A Method To Turn Red Bricks Into Batteries – Intelligent  Living


We have nearly got used to the notion of driverless cars before we’ve even seen one on the roads. The reality is, you might well see a lot more driverless trucks — after all, logistics make the world go around. They’ll be cheaper to operate than routine heaters, driving more smoothly and so using less gas. Computers never get tired or need comfort breaks, so they’ll run longer routes. And they can drive in convoys, nose-to-tail, to minimise wind resistance.

Firms like Mercedes and Peloton are already exploring these possibilities, and when the promised gains materialize, freight businesses could upgrade entire fleets overnight. On the downside, it could put drivers out of work, and even staff in the truck stops set up to service them, but many companies have stated the trucks will still need a human passenger to ensure their cargo is safe. Of course, one of that kind of vehicle is the bicycle because there are made for a human to enjoy the ride through nature. One of these is mountain bikes Ontario.

We can’t resist new technologies and most people are already using most of their time, even becoming more and more dependent on new technology. However, traditional tools cannot be replaced in some situations. Check out the best automotive paint guns for beginners and enjoy the work of your hands.

Self-Driving Trucks to Revolutionize Industry, Juice U.S. Economy -  TheStreet


Theia, named after the titan goddess of sight, is a portable and concealable handheld device that guides users through outdoor environments and large indoor spaces with very little input. Working with a special control moment gyroscope (CMG), Theia moves users’ hands and physically “contributes” them — much like holding the brace of a guide dog.

The device is designed to process real-time internet data, such as traffic density (pedestrians and automobiles ) and weather, to guide users accurately and safely to their destinations.

It will have a fail-safe process of high-risk scenarios, like crossing busy roads — forcing back the user into a “manual mode”, similar to using a cane.

The Guide Dog Robot: Future Mobility Aid for the Blind and Visually  Impaired - Mada AT Portal


The science fiction inventions of robotic, sentient beings should not ever get to the light of day. But, sentient machines using a variant of self-awareness are already in the process of being made. However, this does exist today through a being known as Sophia the Robot.

She was made by a Hong Kong company called Hanson Robotics and will be actually be effective at conversation with people. Saudi Arabia made her first robotic citizen in world history and she even spoke in the United Nations.

Sophia isn’t completely self-aware but she’s near this. She can do things like a normal person. She can cook, clean, drive, she can even La liga bet. If that is our present, envision our future.

Sophia (robot) - Wikipedia

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